Good Blokes NZ reviews Shockdoctor Nano-Double and Trash Talker mouthguards

Shockdoctor mouthguard mma

Popular New Zealand outdoors, hunting, fishing, and general bloke content site Good Blokes NZ recently reviewed some Shockdoctor mouthguards. As Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, they needed a mouthguard to protect their teeth, gums, and jaw. They reviewed the Shockdoctor Nano-Double and the Shockdoctor Superfit Allsport, comparing the various features and benefits of each.

The protection provided isn’t just for those unplanned, teeth-jarring accidents you coincidentally stumble upon while on the field. A mouthguard can effectively buffer the impact of a blow, discouraging the possibility of broken teeth, cuts to the lip and tongue, and jaw fractures.

They found that: “While the Shockdoctor Nano-Double offers immense protection and comfort, it must include clear communication. After wearing it for a bit, I quickly realised how much I would generally communicate during a roll. Part of the fun is the interaction with your partner. That’s where Trash Talker stood out magnificently. Not only did it tick the boxes for comfort and protection, but it also scored high on enabling speech. And that’s why it is now my go-to choice.

Check out the full article on the Good Blokes NZ website.