Dental Professionals

As a dental professional, you understand the importance of protecting your patients’ teeth during high-impact activities or sports. Mouthguards are essential to safeguarding against dental trauma, and preventing injuries to the teeth and mouth. It’s important to work with a supplier who can provide high-quality, custom-made guards that offer superior protection and comfort. As one of the world’s top producers, Shockdoctor have the knowledge, experience, and resources to produce mouthguards that meet the needs of kiwi athletes. So, if you want to provide your patients with the best possible protection against dental trauma, we encourage you to reach out to learn more about our mouthguard options. Your patients will thank you for it, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’re providing them with the highest level of protection. If you want to find out about wholesale rates for dental providers, please fill out the form below or email us at